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All dogs will bark and should have an initial bark when alerting owners, but dominance, aggressive barking or non-sense barking can and should be stopped. Lisa teaches safe methods to stop this behavior.


Trick dogs, therapy and service dogs may need to jump at appropriate times. No dog should be allowed to jump on people or other dogs, as they could hurt themselves or others. Lisa teaches safe methods to stop this behavior.


No pup or dog should be allowed to just bolt out of the house or car or they may be endangering themselves or others. Lisa teaches safe methods to stop this behavior.


No pup or dog should be allowed to pull or lunge on a leash. Lisa teaches safe methods to stop this behavior.


No puppy or dog should be allowed to nip or mouth on humans or their belongings. Lisa teaches how to break mouthing and chewing behaviors in one session.


No dog should ever be allowed to nip, bite, growl or show aggression to people or other dogs. A dog that is allowed to growl will more than likely bite. Lisa retrains dogs all over Michigan that would otherwise have to be rehomed or put down.

The Dog Whisper Of Michigan

Lisa Freeman has been training dogs for over 18 years!!! She was an abused runaway teen, later in life she rescued an abused, runaway dog that ran under her van. She thought she was rescuing him, but he rescued her and so many others. This precious rescue became her partner in a school anti-bullying program, Abuse Bites. This pooch also taught her the ropes of rescuing and training so many other pups/dogs. Lisa is considered the Dog Whisperer in Michigan, but she owes all she does to the precious dog who rescued her--RIP Snickers!!! She now has another amazing rescue, Kota (which means friend to everyone). He's been trained as her therapy/service dog, and also helps her to train other dogs. She looks forward to working with each of you and your precious pups in one on one phone consults, private training (at her facility/your home), and/or in her group classes. 

Private Training & Group Classes

Behavioral Issues


Behavioral issues are best addressed in private training sessions. Most behaviors take 1-3 sessions.



Basic and Advanced Obedience can be taught privately or in Group classes which are offered twice a year in the spring and fall.

AKC Classes & Titles


As an AKC Dog Trainer and Evaluator, I offer training and testing for AKC STAR Puppy, AKC CGC, AKC Community Canine and AKC Trick Dog. 

Puppy Training


Puppy training should start immediately after bringing the pup home. In one private session you will learn a wealth of information. Tips for potty and crate training, obedience training, what a pup needs to stay happy and healthy, safe socialization and how to stop any unwanted behaviors.

Pet Therapy


We offer pet therapy/service dog training and testing to get you and your pup/dog certified. Any age pup/dog can go through training, but all dogs must be 1 year old to be certified. This can be taught privately or in our group classes. We offer Private in Home Therapy & Service Dog Training in Lansing, Saginaw, Flint, Detroit, and Ann Arbor areas. 

Service Dog


We offer training and testing for service dogs and emotional support animals. This can be taught both privately and in group classes.

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